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German Roach
Pest Control
We offer general pest control service to eliminate such pests as ants (carpenter ant, sugar ant, etc), crickets,  roaches (German roach, American Roach, Wood Roach, etc), spiders, fleas, silverfish, mice, rats, and other annoying pests.  
Depending on your situation, one of these plans is right for you.
  • One Time Pest Control Treatments
  • Move Out Pest Control Treatments
  • Quarter Maintenance Pest Control Plan
  • Monthly Maintenance Pest Control Plan
  • Year Maintenance Pest Control Plan  (Includes quarter treatments and unlimited service calls)
Let our exterminator take care of your problems.
Termite Control & Wood Destroying Insects
Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home or property.  Most people do not realize they have termites until extensive damage has been done.  A full colony of termites can eat several pounds of wood in your home every week.  They eat 24 hours a day and leave a chemical trail for more termites to follow.  Signs of possible termite infestation includes: flying termites (Swarmers) (similar to a flying ant, mud tunnels, wood damage, and holes in your property.)
Other wood destroying insects that can affect your home are powder post beetles, old house borers, carpenter ants,carpenter bees, and wood borers.
We offer FREE Termite Inspections of your entire property. 
We offer:
Full Termite Control Service
Termite Bait Stations
Termite Boosters
Termite Warranty
Wood Destroying Insect Service
Licensed & Experienced Termite Exterminator
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